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Hate Rigging? Want to build your own character?

Whenever I was building a character the problem that I had was that every time I would have to re-model and rig the characters, and this would take time away from playing and animating with them. So I made a system where it’s possible to stick together various pieces, scale them together and have animatable characters ready in 15 minutes instead of hours.
If you’ve  Been using my Arms and Legs pack you know how much time it saves. Well now I have some bodies which should make building new characters even faster!

Take your pick with Legs attached or without. You could  even use these pieces as heads if you wanted to!

I will be adding more pieces to this pack throughout the year, if you buy now, you’ll get a year of free updates! The price will also increase as i add more stuff.

Rigged In Cinema 4D!
Easy to attach to existing rigs
Animation ready!
Customizable to fit your project
easy to use
Build your own character!
Royalty Free License for commercial use

This is the Friendly License Agreement for the Body Pack for Cinema 4D by Ace5 studios.

By purchasing and using this product you agree to the following conditions.

– You may use this purchase for an unlimited amount of client projects, but if you send them the C4D file, please purchase another copy.
– You can use it for as many educational/personal projects as you want.

– This product is intended to aid you in creating rendered animations and still images, and should only be distributed in such manner, 2d images or flat video.
– You may not sell, share or redistribute these assets in .c4d format or other formats ( FBX, obj etc..).

– You may send them as part of a larger project to your client studio, but make sure to purchase extra licenses for each user.
– The studio license, lets you share this asset amongst employees of your studio in one physical location ( exemptions apply for corona times 🙂 ).

– Other forms of group buying are discouraged.. because you know.. i need to eat..

Usage for stock image/video websites is only permitted with the purchase of an additional “stock image license”.
You may sell renders of this character, but not the actual 3d model

You may not use this model to sell 3d prints or moulds of this model. You may 3d print the model and then sell the 3d printed product,
but you need the additional “stock image license”

If you have any questions just shoot me an email

Cinema 4D Rigged Assets

Body Pack


From $49.99USD (+VAT%)
~ 53EUR with taxes in EU  

Various Rigged Bodies for C4D
You can attach your own Heads and Limbs

How to Buy

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Play Video
Bodies with or without Legs

These parts come with legs already attached. So all you need to do is attach a head and some arms.

Or use the bodies without legs and pick your own!



These Rigs will work just fine with R19 and up. 

Version previous to that will depend on the pose morph tag and presence of the mocca toolset.

Most of the functionality should work in any version of Cinema4D, but you might need the studio version.

Why Freezing transformations is important?

Do not forget to freeze transformations of your controllers, so when you hit the “reset PSR/transform” button your stuff moves back to default position.

I would also recommend pulling the freeze transform button into a toolbar, since it’s quite useful. 

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